Access Your QuaverSEL Account

QuaverSEL is an online social-emotional learning teaching platform available to all M-DCPS teachers as a part of a district license. Inside you’ll find ready-to-use lessons to develop important social-emotional competencies in K-5 students. You’ll also find a library full of easy, quick activities to use in remote, hybrid, or in-person teaching settings with your students. Read on to learn how to access QuaverSEL for the first time!

Option One: Visit Your Dade Portal

  • You should see Quaver in the APPS section of your Portal
  • Star it as a favorite to revisit easily!
  • Click to access and log in or create a new account
  • When asked, used the code MIA815 to register your account

Option Two: Log In Via

You can then log in to QuaverSEL anytime from QuaverEd or your Dade Portal.